Taxes Are Confusing!

Let us help you make tax time less stressful. Figure out your individual budget, plan your financial future and more!

Budget Services

In life, money comes and money goes. In fact, the exchanges are often so constant and rapid that it can make your head spin. Knowing exactly how your money flows is the key to avoiding detrimental surprises and making wise decisions.

Personal Financial Planning

Whether you wish to give Warren Buffett a run for his money or simply desire to send your children to college and retire comfortably, building and preserving your personal wealth requires deliberate planning and specialized attention. At Streimer and Flusberg we offer one-on-one guidance to assist you in building a comprehensive financial plan that manages risk, improves performance, and ensures the growth and longevity that you envision for your wealth.

Identity Theft

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, identity thieves seek out unsuspecting victims. If you’ve had the misfortune of having your identity stolen, following these important steps can help minimize the potential resulting damage.

Individual Tax Services

Who does your taxes? Is it a well-known national chain that overcharges and under-delivers, or is it the friend of a friend of a cousin of an employee at work who will do your taxes in his garage? Whichever it may be, you might end up feeling confused, uncertain, and naïve. At Streimer and Flusberg, we understand how you feel and we want to let you know that we are the answer.